Our Short Term Goals


  1. To get the believers outside of the masjid and back into the community sharing our message with others besides Muslims.

  2. To reestablish a presence in our communities as a positive group with an uplifting and positive message to share.

  3. To start increasing the community’s awareness of who we are and what we believe (based on IWDM).



  1. We are not going out to proselytize and convert people to our religion or call them to our masjids.

  2. We are giving out a message based on our teachings with the goal of touching the Higher Voice within them (the original nature-Adam) to encourage them and inspire them to live better lives. Our dawah is calling humanity to its higher self.

  3. We will be teaching the message of our religion without proselytizing, yet there is enough for them to know it is from Muslims, based on Quran and IWDM.

  4. We believe that by speaking to the Adam in people, we will motivate them and in turn they will respect us and some of them will eventually become interested in our teaching and seek us out. We’ll respond to those who show an interest.

  5. We want to be systematic and disciplined. We are following a program and not bringing a whole lot of stuff into the program. Just as we were systematic with the CRAID movement, we want to use the same kind of systematic approach.

Additional Strategic Considerations

DRESS CODE – We established a dress code (uniform) in order to establish our brand; who we are, to the public. We want to show uniformity and unity so we can be identified by our look. We wear black pants, white shirts, and a black or white kufi/skull cap (see attached pictures). We don’t allow thobes/jalabiyyah for security and appeal reasons. We want people to be able to identify with us and not be afraid of us.

LITERATURE – We want to avoid distributing everything (at least at this point), even other good literature. We want to be systematic in order to train our communities expectations and not overwhelm people with too much information. The goal is to make the community happy to take what we offer them, not to avoid us because they don’t want to have all this “muslim stuff” thrown at them.


SYSTEM – We would like to build a uniform, systematic dawah movement that grows to become national in scope. So, just as the Jehovah Witnesses are known by their door-to-door suits, the NOI for their bowties, others for their thobes, we want to be known by our dress code and approach. This can only be done if we are united and uniform.

Program Format


  1. I am producing brochures based upon our perception (IWDM), but written to appeal to the outer community.
  2. Every other week, we gather at the location where we will launch our dawah outing.
  3. We go out and distribute literature to houses using the following protocols:

   a.  Depending upon the numbers, we will separate into teams of three.


   b.  Proceed to the street to work.

   c.  One team will take one side. A second team takes the other side.

   d.  The three members of the team will walk together each one putting literature on a house; so they will be alternating houses as they go down the street.

   e.  For each two teams of three, there is to be one Amir whose job is to keep watch on the teams as they focus on distribution. The Amir ensures that no one gets too far away from the group or disappears. He watches over the safety of the two teams. If there are any problems, the teams are to refer the situation to the amir.

   f.   If the house is fenced in, then we put the brochure on the fence or not at all. We do not open the gate and go on the property (safety-dogs!). If the fence is broken or in disrepair, then we can distribute to those houses because a dog is not likely to be out when the owner knows the fence is broken. Use good judgment.

   g.  We do not put brochures in mailboxes (illegal), but we can place the brochure behind the mailbox, if there is no screen door or convenient place to put the brochure.

   h.  We do not engage in dialog; we let the brochure do that for us. We smile, are courteous, maybe say something encouraging, but we aren’t trying to discuss religion and politics; no teaching, unless someone wants to talk with us. Then we’ll talk with them some. Our goal though is to get information out to as many people as possible.

   i.   If we see a person on the street, we offer them the brochure. If they refuse, we do not try to persuade. We smile, thank them, tell them to have a great day and keep moving.

   j.   If we are stopped and engaged by someone, we can engage briefly. But, refer them to the amir, if needed. Stay with the amir until interaction is over. (WE DO NOT LEAVE A BROTHER BY HIMSELF)

   k.  Sometimes we go downtown to pass out literature to the crowd. If we do this, we observe the following practice: We are friendly and we offer the people the brochures. If they reject, we accept their rejection gracefully and keep moving.